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We can satisfy any and all of your income tax reporting obligations in the US, so you sleep well at night knowing that your tax reporting is timely and correct and you are compliant with all US tax reporting requirements for expats.

Expat Tax Prep
From $500
Includes all the standard expat tax forms, including claiming foreign credits and exclusions. Excludes FBAR / State filing.
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Streamlined Procedure
From $1,550
If you are behind on your US tax filing or foreign asset or account reporting, we can assist with getting you back on track with the IRS Streamlined Procedure.
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If you want to plan your move abroad or optimize your situation for US taxes, book a paid phone or video consultation with our expat tax experts.
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Other Expat Tax Fees

We can accommodate and assist you whatever your situation. Contact us or Get Started to begin a conversation.

Foreign Bank Account Reporting
Americans with foreign bank or brokerage accounts often have to report them, depending on the value of their balances.
FATCA Foreign Asset Reporting
Since 2010, Americans whose offshore assets exceed certain thresholds have to report their foreign financial assets to the US Treasury annually.
Foreign Corporation Reporting
Form 5471 - Americans with at least 10% ownership of a controlled foreign corporation have to file Form 5471 annually.
Amended Returns, Foreign & Domestic Partnerships, 1120 Corporate Returns, Foreign Trusts, PFICS, Crypto and Expatriation Projects - $ Inquire

We can assist you whatever your situation.

Why Expats Choose Wicklow Advisors

Wicklow Advisors has 30 years of financial experience, including over 10 of individual and business tax return preparation for expats.
Online & Easy
Filing US taxes from abroad with Wicklow is easy thanks to our online questionnaire which lets you provide your details quickly and simply.
We know that no two expats are the same, so our service is personal and personalized for every client’s needs.