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Wicklow Expat Tax Advisors was formed in 2015 to help US expats around the world navigate through the complicated maze of their US Tax obligations in a new simpler, more personalized way. From firsthand experience, we have seen how intimidating and confusing US Tax code can be, particularly for expats. With the recent emphasis on foreign asset and bank account reporting, the landscape has become even more complicated along with the necessity to get then stay compliant. We have a comprehensive understanding of how the Internal Revenue Service both taxes and treats American citizens residing abroad. Wicklow´s aim is to provide bespoke high quality, personalized tax advice and preparation that addresses each client's particular needs and objectives and makes the process simple. We have both the expertise and experience to accomplish that goal.

Wicklow Advisors Founder

Thomas Sneed CPA CFA Wicklow US Expat Tax Services founder

Thomas Sneed, CPA, CFA

Thomas Sneed, has 30 years experience in financial services. He has lived as an American expat since 1993 and has a deep expertise in all aspects of expat taxes as well as personal experience in navigating the complicated landscape of US taxation for overseas Americans. He knows that the process shouldn’t be a headache, but should instead be simple and personalized, and he is excited to offer Wicklow´s services, based on these principles, to the American expat community around the world.

He has an undergraduate degree in Economics from Northwestern University and a Master’s in International Business from the University of South Carolina. He is also a US qualified CPA and CFA.

Originally from Chicago, Thomas and his family currently reside in Barcelona, Spain, having also lived in the UK.

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