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US Taxes for Expats

Americans living abroad face a complex landscape of tax reporting obligations and rules imposed by the IRS and the US Treasury.

In 2015, Thomas Sneed CPA, CFA formed Wicklow Advisors Expats Tax Services to help US expats navigate through the maze of US Tax obligations in an accessible and personal way.

As an expat since 1993 himself, Thomas Sneed CPA, CFA understands from firsthand experience how intimidating and confusing US taxes for expats can be when living overseas. Thomas founded Wicklow to make the process simple for expats everywhere.

At Wicklow Advisors, we make the process of filing US taxes from overseas simple using a combination of a personalised approach  and an easy tax questionnaire where you can provide your details online.

Expat Tax FAQ's

Do I have to file US taxes as an American living abroad?
Yes, all American citizens and green card holders have to report their global income every year, even if they live abroad. Expats often have to report their overseas financial accounts and financial assets, too.
What happens if I haven't filed since I moved abroad?
You could qualify for the Streamlined Procedure amnesty program to avoid IRS penalties. Filing US taxes from abroad with Wicklow is easy. We have helped hundreds of expats catch up if they have fallen behind with their US taxes.
How can I avoid double taxation?
Expats can claim the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion or utilize the Foreign Tax Credit to avoid double taxation by filing additional forms with their tax return.
What is an FBAR?
Expats often also have to file a Foreign Bank Account Report to report their overseas financial accounts to the US Treasury.
What is FATCA ?
The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act means expats may also have to report their overseas financial assets to the IRS on their tax return.
Do I have to file State taxes from abroad?
Most expats do not have to file state taxes but some expats do, depending on their situation and the state in question.

Wicklow Expat Tax Services

Expat Tax Prep
We will prepare all the standard tax forms needed for US expat tax returns, including claiming foreign credits and exclusions and any required state filing.
Streamlined Procedure
If you are behind on your US tax filing or foreign asset or account reporting, we can assist with getting you back on track with the IRS Streamlined Procedure.
If you want to plan your move abroad or optimize your situation for US taxes, book a paid phone or video consultation with our expat tax experts.
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Our Services

Why Expats Choose Wicklow Advisors

Wicklow Advisors has 30 years of financial experience, including over 10 of individual and business tax return preparation for expats.
Online & Easy
Filing US taxes from abroad with Wicklow is easy thanks to our online questionnaire which lets you provide your details quickly and simply.
We know that no two expats are the same, so our service is personal and personalized for every client’s needs. 

Our Process

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Intro call followed up with a proposal within 24 hours.
Wicklow US Expat Tax Services questionnaire icon
Fill in our tax questionnaire and upload your documents online.
Wicklow US Expat Tax Services return efile icon
We prepare your return, you review it, and we e-file it for you.

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